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Rice bran is an energy and protein rich ingredient used in poultry feeding. To balance energy and protein requirements. The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of rice bran on performance and egg quality of a commercial white laying strain of 22 week of age. Dietary treatments were consisted by inclusion of rice bran at 0,5,10 and 15% levels. Each treatment had 6 reps in which 12 birds were randomly assigned in wired floor battery cages equipped with nipple drinkers and through feeders. layers accessed to feed and water freely. Lighting regimen was adjusted to 16h light/8h dark. the experiment lasted for 10 weeks. Overall results of the present experiment indicated that rice bran could be included up to 10% without any adverse affect on laying performance , egg quality and digestive organs

After crude oil has been extracted from rice bran , De-oiled rice bran (DORB)  is obtained. DORB is widely used in the manufacture if cattle feed , poultry feed , fish feed , as a fuel for boilers, and is used for manufacturing sodium silicate gel, insulation bricks etc.(using fully burnt white ash of husk)

Product Specification Sheet

Market Name: Rice bran Meal , De-fatted rice bran , Rice bran Residue , Rice bran Extract , Rice bran Cake.

Description : De oiled Rice Bran is the By Product of the solvent extraction process, Available in 4 Grades in powder & Pellets Forms.

  • Emoisture %               ---     10 Max
  • Energy(Kcal/kg)          ---     3300
  • Protein%                     ---     15-16
  • Fat %                          ---      0.5  --  0.8
  • Fibre %                      ---     14 --15
  • Ash %                        ---      4-5
  • Aflatoxin ( <ppb)        ---      10
  • Form                          ---       Pellets & Powder